Calling All Student Entrepreneurs: Tell Us About Your Startup Is About To Launch In Bangladesh, Will Allow People To Visit Selected Websites For Free

Apr 17, 2015

Following recent visit of Deepti Doshi, who is looking after Strategic Partnership at Facebook,, free internet service of Facebook, will be launched in Bangladesh on 21st April, 2015., which is now has a mobile app along with website, offers free internet service for selected websites.

Last month Deepti Doshi wrote in her Facebook status that, great things are happening by using power of internet in Bangladesh. Internet has become a medium to inform, connect and empower people to do great works and contribute to the society. The service will be available to mass people to use within few days from now.

Among the selected sites for Bangladesh includes Facebook, Whatsapp, Social Blood, BBC news, Wikipedia and more. Mobile operator Robi has already launched the service under collaboration with ahead of formal launch and other operators are expected to join soon.

Facebook’s app is currently operating in Colombia, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Zambia, Indonesia, Guatemala, The Philippines, and will be launching in Panama in the coming weeks. It aims to connect the world and to make available in all countries where connectivity is still a challenge.

Future Startup has reached out to, we’ll update this story once we get more.

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