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E/F Commerce Meetup Held In Dhaka

Number of businesses that use online platforms to sell and promote their products and services is growing rapidly. With increasing access to internet and Smartphone this sector has big potential in coming days. Using online platforms for your business is an advantage since it requires comparatively small capital but it has no lack of disadvantages as well. Most of the businesses that start online, by using facebook or a small scale e-commerce, start with a very limited capital which makes it difficult for most businesses to allocate proper budget for every aspect of business. E/F commerce meetup offers help and suggestion to these businesses. It invites experts and entrepreneurs with experience and expertise to share their experience and knowledge and lessons.

E/F Commerce Meetup Vol-IV

E/f Commerce meetup

E/F Commerce Meet Vol-IV held today at Hub Dhaka-a co-working space located in Mirpur, Dhaka. The event is jointly organized by T-Zone-a local e-commerce startup for custom designed t-shirt and Hub Dhaka. The event started at 10:30 AM and continued till 4:00 PM. The whole program was comprised of talks, panel discussion, Q&A, and networking session. Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs from different parts of the city attended the event.

Tips and Tricks To Boost Your Sales

The theme of the event was ‘Sales’, how an e/f commerce entrepreneur can increase sales. Any business is about sales. Revenue is the life line of a business and most business struggle with their sales. Everything a business does is because it wants to increase its sales.

However, sale is not about sales at all. You can’t increase your sales if you just talk about sales and ask people to buy more of your products. You do other things to increase your sales. You give better product, ensure super customer services, and apply better communication strategy.

Sajid Islam of Hubdhaka spoke on how to increase sales and gave hands on tips to the entrepreneurs. Shourov Islam of Unifox Digital Media gave a talk on Facebook Activation for Small Businesses and panels of e-cab discussed about challenges of ecommerce and how community and association can support individual member to better run their business. There were also talks and panel discussions on growth, digital marketing and branding.

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