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Everything Is BDjobs, BDjobs Is Everything

Apr 6, 2015

BDjobs-screenThe copycat culture we live in

The ongoing frenzy is not about jobsites but ecommerce. We’ll go after it, before that a zoom in into online jobsites. What happened in this sector in last couple of years, why there is no more new and largest jobsite of the country?

Couple of years ago, after hard earned success of BDjobs, it suddenly became apparent to all that building an internet company like BDjobs is just a matter of time. You can start one today and become successful tomorrow. Let’s get the ball rolling. Hundreds of new jobsites launched. There were days we saw new jobsites launched daily. The last notable addition to the herd is prothom-alojobs. None made it to the level BDjobs did. You can go only too far by copying someone. In-terms of technology, this is just another with a different name. They literally made no change to tech end. Since Prothom Alo has big money bag, they spent, still spending, quite good amount in promotion but it does not look like going anywhere. Without founders DNA, real strategy, and at least one better differentiator, money can’t take you very far. They went further down and even could not put it right. You can see the website, they literally thought people will come to their site and start using it because they took the pain to make it. A very innovative name indeed! We don’t know whether this website template is available out there for free. These guys are really trying but they should try with something better. This is really confusing. All names look similar. It seems without BD in name nothing works. Jobsbd is another clone of BDjobs, unfortunately, BDjobs has moved ahead.

This copycat culture will only do so much for us. This is a formula for slow death. It kills both the copycat and the original. There is no less of problems, real and hard ones, out there. There are problems for which people are ready to pay. Even with jobsites there are a lot more to do than doing the same thing. There is room for improvement. Instead of just copying someone, what if you spend few hours in thinking and doing some research and then make something better, solve another problem instead of taking easy option of copying someone. Good things happen when we decide to make hard choices.

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