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Weekender: Startups, Opportunities, Readings, Events And More

Dec 13, 2014

Weekender is a new weekly feature from Future Startup. We compile inspiring startups, opportunities, events and interesting readings from all over the internet for entrepreneurs [with a focus in Bangladesh). As I wrote in first weekender-this is actually an attempt to contemplate to see how we spent the week we just passed and also to look forward and plan ahead for coming one.

The hope is that: this list may help you in doing both of these-looking back and planning ahead. For anyone who is pursuing an independent career and trying to build something from ground up-the journey is exasperating. It does not just fill normal. The default mode for any maker is either one of this two: you feel extremely elated in a moment and equally down in other. The challenge is to put a handle between these two different feelings.

Jerry & Fiona
Jerry & Fiona
Image by Tindercapital

Person: Jerry & Fiona

"Jerry Nicholson and Fiona Nicholson are the husband wife duo behind the wonderful impact investment firm Tindercapital and awesome accelerator program called OPEN Accelerator for rural entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. Jerry & Fiona came to Bangladesh four years ago to pursue their dream which is in simple: supporting people with dream of making ideas happen come true, especially in under-served communities of Bangladesh. We are immensely dazzled and incurably inspired by their initiatives."

We have published an interview of this couple which is immensely inspiring and directive at a time.

Reading: Startups have too much to learn from Secret

“A cautionary tale for any startup founder who thinks his or her app is too popular or powerful to fail.”

Event: Story of a Bangladeshi-American Startup Founder.

“Ever wonder how life is for an American founder? What challenges and hurdles do they face? What is it like to raise funding in America? How similar or different is it from Bangladesh?

Meet Musaddeq Khan (MK) - a serial tech entrepreneur based in Atlanta,USA. MK will be with us on Dec 20 to talk about his 3rd startup, big data and his journey including successful exit from his last 2 startup's.

This is a rare opportunity for the attendees in the room to meet, learn and discuss startup stories.”

Inspiring Startup: Vida

“For Umaimah Mendhro, design had been a key part of her life from the time she was a little girl growing up in a small village in Pakistan. She had a passion for art and fashion and always knew she wanted to be a creator. Mendhro then channelled that creativity into roles at Microsoft and design firm West, the agency founded by former Apple veteran Allison Johnson and backed by Jack Dorsey.

But while at West, Mendhro began thinking of how she could use technology to empower designers, and also connect many of the textile mills she grew up around in her homeland of Pakistan.

Her brainchild Vida is the manifestation of her that dream.

As Mendhro put it “The idea was to use technology as a way to turn this industry on its head,”

Opportunity: Acumen Fellowship Application-two days to go

“Gain world-class leadership training. Serve in the field with a social enterprise. Join a cohort of emerging leaders who will change the world. Applications for the 2016 Class of Global Fellows are OPEN! Apply by December 14th, 11:59 PM EST.”

Photo by Frank Kovalchek from Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Photo by Frank Kovalchek from Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Reading: Success, Work & Magical Moments

“I was sipping my favorite tea, and generally thinking and realized that successful companies are like a Venice Carnival mask — a lot of grunt work, minutiae, dull details and daily frustrations hidden behind the beautiful, magical moments. The world only sees the magical moments, the press celebrates their specialness, but no one really notices what happens behind the mask.”

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