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It took 52 tries to make one Angry Birds or why there is no failure

When we look into the matter why we don’t start, one of the strong reasons is the fear of perceived failure.

However, have you ever thought what does failure mean? When we call someone or something a failure? Digging deep will give you an astonishing perspective. Our in general definition of failure is nothing more than that of ‘quitting’. We don’t call Abraham Lincoln a failure although he failed for a quite good number of times.

We don’t call Thomas Edison a failure although saying goes he failed thousand times on his way to making light bulb. Why?

The answer is pretty simple: they never stopped. They did not quit until they get in there where they wanted to be.

I think we can relate startup failure with this beautiful metaphor. When things don’t work you just need to try another way. Try another way. You are not a failure as long as you are on move. Quitting is the failure. Hang on you will definitely reach there.

This beautiful infographic by Anna Vital of Funders & Founders explains the story behind Angry Birds and sets a new definition for failure.


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