5 Bangladeshi Startups to watch in 2014

Although we have long tradition of business in Bangladesh but due to its distinctive approach startup is yet to be a populous term in this country. However, we have made significant progress in last couple of years to make people understand global startup movement and to inspire people to start their own business. It’s true we lack lots of things but good thing takes time to happen as well. The good news is that in midst of this process we have some wonderful initiatives on board. We understand our eco-system is not ready, support system is not strong enough but it does not stop this resilient nation from taking action. We know this is just the beginning and good days are not very far.

We have curved up a few notable startups that have team, passion, idea, or money-or all three-to break the noise in market and be successful.

Bangladeshi StartupsWe understand many of these startups will succeed, or will merely go nowhere but all of these startups deserve attention.

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