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5 Bangladeshi Startups to watch in 2014

Although we have long tradition of business in Bangladesh but due to its distinctive approach startup is yet to be a populous term in this country. However, we have made significant progress in last couple of years to make people understand global startup movement and to inspire people to start their own business. It’s true we lack lots of things but good thing takes time to happen as well. The good news is that in midst of this process we have some wonderful initiatives on board. We understand our eco-system is not ready, support system is not strong enough but it does not stop this resilient nation from taking action. We know this is just the beginning and good days are not very far.

We have curved up a few notable startups that have team, passion, idea, or money-or all three-to break the noise in market and be successful.

Bangladeshi Startups

We understand many of these startups will succeed, or will merely go nowhere but all of these startups deserve attention.


With having investment from VC firm, 500 Startups, of Silicon Valley Chaldal is here to disrupt the market. Chaldal wants to make your city life easy by offering home delivery service of daily necessities. Founded by two co-founders Waseem, who graduated from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and Zia-a North South Graduate, Chadal believes that there is an easier and more comfortable way to shopping than that of grueling experience of hours in traffic, bad weather and waiting in long queue.

With rapidly changing life style and increasing scarcity of time people are going to be more dependent on online convenient services in coming days. Moreover, in a city of 2 crore populations where people are becoming increasingly tech savvy and incredibly busy future lies in making life easier for this huge population and Chaldal has the to welcome that opportunity and live up to the expectation of future.

For Chaldal this is just the begging, future lies in future.

Ohnish Films

Ohnish Films is a Video Production Company based in Dhaka. It specializes in Promotional and Documentary videos. The Company, founded in 2013 by Hasan Al Banna, Tarik Hasan & Aminul Islam Ehsan, has already made significant stride in social media with its distinctive approach to work and creativity. With its professionalism and creative approach to work the company has already put together a team to manage continuously growing list of clients and projects.

The best asset of the company is its extremely passionate team that literally eats, sleep, and dream film.

Given the passion they showed in recent time, if they put same amount of professionalism, and farsightedness in work they have long journey ahead.

LightCastle Partners

Bijon, Ivdad, Saif and Zahed; the founders of LightCastle Partners, never thought of starting their own enterprise when they finished graduation from IBA, Dhaka University back in 2009. Working four years in different organizations, they noticed that there is a general lack of appreciation for data in devising organizational decisions. This conviction led them to start LightCastle Partners which provides Business Analytics services i.e: business intelligence, business planning & services, risk modeling. Moreover, LightCastle Partners has an Advanced Learning Center, which offers systems thinking and high-end analytical courses to develop a structured thought process in students and professionals.

Hungry Naki

Hungry Naki is an online food delivery service for fresh and on time food that gives you option to choose your favorite menu from a long array of café, restaurant, and eatery and deliver it at your doorstep. Right now Hungry Naki offers online order and cash on delivery service for 6 different areas of Dhaka City and it’s growing rapidly. This startup works in a real pain point of customers and the team has real passion to be a worth availing solution.


Dugdugi , an ecosystem that brings together music fans, musicians and record labels, was founded by Saddam Azad and Wakil Ahmed in StartUp Weekend Dhaka 2013. It offers free legal streaming and online purchases of music. Being the only legal music distribution platform in Bangladesh, it has acquired the online distribution rights from all major legal copyright holders, i.e. record labels and musicians in exchange of sharing royalties with them.

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