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Startup Weekend Dhaka 2014: rise of startups in Bangladesh

What is Startup Weekend: Startup Weekend is a 54 hour long event where anyone can join and pitch their startup idea. Teams are formed organically on the basis of ideas and work together on business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. It is a global movement that facilities entrepreneurs development in a holistic way. The Non-profit organization that creates the movement located in Washington but Startup Weekend organizers and facilitators can be found in over 200 cities around the world.

Startup Weekend Dhaka 2014: rise of startups in Bangladesh

Startup Weekend Dhaka 2014: Sajid Islam, Founder & CEO of Shetu is the man behind Startup Weekend Dhaka 2014. This 54 hours event started on March 14, 2014 and will end on March 15, 2014.

Venue: Hub Dhaka

When: Happening now


A closer look at top teams ideas:

Team name: Bhalobasha
Idea: Urban rooftop agriculture which would use innovative farming technologies that would provide chemical-free food, i.e. organic to the citizens.

Team Name: Boi Kheko
Idea: Bangla eBook portal for new writers and reviewers that would benefit both readers and publishers which will have a translating community as well.

Team Name: Caprice
Idea: A western clothing line in Bangladesh for women that will employ under privileged women.

Team Name: City Scope
Idea: An app that would provide daily scheduled updates for traffic congestion, gas, water, electricity load shedding and more.

Team Name: Info Hub
Idea: An app that would provide local area based information on areas such as banks, doctors, travel and other essentials.

Team Name: Dhaka Beats
Idea: An event based app which would notify you about a local events and its details

Team Name: Queue Killer
Idea: An app that would enable the users to know where to go at the right time to avoid the endless hassle of queue in everywhere in Dhaka.

Team Name: Proshikkhon
Idea: An online platform to connect Industry Experts with beginners to help improve their skills.


Quotes and tidbits:

"Managing what you build or choosing what you build is the key to success of your company." ~Nash Islam, CEO, Green and Red Technologies Limited.

"Practice, Practice, Practice."~ Pankaj Jain, Venture Capitalist. Are you practicing enough?

"Being around so many great and helpful mentors is the biggest privilege an aspiring entrepreneur can have. I am honored and making most of my resource here."~SWDhaka2014 participant Tasmia Nehreen.

Happy making 🙂

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