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We’re Hiring: Join the Team & Work with us to put Bangladesh on Global Map for all Great Initiatives

Future Startup is a media startup based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We aim at reinventing the way how content on startup, entrepreneurship, and making ideas happen are being produced and distributed in Bangladesh. We want to put Bangladesh on global map for good things happening around.

Job Future Startup

At FS we value only 3 things.

  1. We want to generate high quality useful content for people who want to start a venture in Bangladesh and make it happen. We want to be the ultimate source for information, knowledge, and inspiration on web.
  2. The second thing we value most is putting Bangladesh on global map for wonderful initiatives that people are taking here every day.
  3. Finally, we want to make sure that our readers and community members have best of us in all ways (this is the number One).

We are looking for few FS Associates to help us with content crafting. Join the team and work with us to put Bangladesh on Global map for good reasons.

[su_spoiler title="Post 0: Future Startup summer Internships 2014:" style="fancy"]

Deadline: 01 June 2014

Open to: Students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program anywhere in Bangladesh

Remuneration: Sufficient based on work done (per article/assignment/month), a fresh copy of Linchpin by Seth Godin at the day of joining, and utmost support to develop professional and personal skills

Duration: 3 months (June to late August)

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[su_spoiler title="Post 1: FS Associate:" style="fancy"]

What you will be doing as an FS Associate?

  1. You will be helping us with our Face to Face interview series & features which includes, writing transcript, reading proof, helping in promoting interviews etc
  2. You will be maintaining communication with our valued interviewees and readers regarding our Face to Face issues
  3. You will be giving ideas on making things better in internal meetings
  4. You will be attending in events on behalf of Future Startup team and be writing event recap

What we are looking for in an FS Associate?

  1. You have passion for writing and editing and have prior, whatever minimum way, experience
  2. You read in-depth and long-form interviews of entrepreneurs, creative radicals and makers
  3. You are excited to tell story of Bangladeshi change makers in a compelling way
  4. You are a learner and capable of working independently with minimum level of instruction
  5. You are fluent in speaking and writing English


[su_spoiler title="What you will be getting working for us?" style="fancy"]

  1. We pay handsomely on the basis of work done (i.e. for interview it is based on per interview, for event it’s based on per event)
  2. Working with a diverse team of ambitious and hard working people
  3. Be in contact with wonderful people who are making difference and building amazing things in Bangladesh
  4. Working remotely from your convenient place except meetings
  5. Finally, you will get support in your personal and professional development in making connection, blogging, reading new books, and learning new skills. We will support you to be your best in all way possible.
  6. We are happy with a distributed team as long as you have a good reputation with maintaining 'Commitment'
  7. You can work from home, on run or from anywhere but we want you attend our weekly meeting (if you are a passionate about what we're doing but living in other part of the country, let us know you are passionate to work)


[su_spoiler title="When & How to apply?" style="fancy"]

  1. For the post "FS Associate", You will forward (i) one copy of your updated CV to info@futurestartup.com along with (ii) a 500 word (max.) essay on Entrepreneurship. You are free to choose any perspective while writing the essay. Just make sure that your essay must amaze the reader.
  2. We will be closing accepting submission by April 15, 2014.
  3. For any query please contact: +88 01722860 003



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