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Samira Zuberi Himika On Hard Work And Reality Of Being An Entrepreneur

Feb 15, 2014

The word "Entrepreneurship" may sound very cool. You may find the whole idea of becoming an entrepreneur very trendy, amusing or sexy. You may just want to try it because you are inspired by people like us who are giving great speeches or mentoring you in many events or may be because some of your friends are trying it out.

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Samira Zuberi Himika is the founder & Managing Director of ‘team engine’. She believes that for an entrepreneur, it is necessary to know everything that is needed to run a business, never to show the arrogance of passing off a work thinking it’s too minuscule for your position. She is caring and supportive, always encouraging people around her. A self inspired person who worked in major International organizations in communications fields prior of starting her own entrepreneurial journey.

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