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Defining The Relationship Between Product & Customer

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Customers are the king and queen of business. What a business decide, plan and do all are defined with fulfilling the need of the customer. Business makes offerings for its king and these offerings can of many types from physical product to idea. But it’s important to know how these offerings work with the customer, her needs.

Basically, human being always run for  fulfilling its needs by instinct like hunger, sex, love, sleep etc. More elaborately, human being deals with hundreds of defined and undefined feelings. And with the development of the civilization most of its feelings can be defined. For example, A middle aged guy, in a holiday morning, sitting in his room is listening to a Rabindra sangeet like “Purono shei dinder kotha vulbo kire hay” (How can we forget our old days) and suddenly he loses himself in the past he had left. He is remembering his old days, being immersed with his memory. By listening music he is eliciting a feeling of nostalgia. Music is a product and it attaches customers with his feelings of nostalgia. This is the manifestation of the relationship between the customer and products.

The nature of these relationships can vary, and these bonds help us to understand some of the possible meanings products have to us. Furthermore, researchers find that like friendships and love offers with other people, our relationships with brands evolve overtime- some resemble deep friendship, whereas others are more like exciting but short-live feelings. Here are some of the types of relationships a person might have with a product.

  • Self- Concept attachment – The product helps to establish the user’s identity
  •  Nostalgic attachment- The product serves as link with a past -self
  •  Interdependence- The product is a part of the daily routine
  •  Love- The product elicits emotional bonds of warmth, passion of other strong emotion.

To understand this issue business needs to have clear idea of market segmentation, and mostly the psycho-graphic segmentation. Which product can elicit what feelings for a customer and whether customer has a minimum level of importance so that she can purchase the product is need to be understood. If a firm can develop a mechanism to understand the importance level of the customer well it will be able to streamline its product to the customer’s bag more effectively.  It will be able to position its offering in the customers mind distinctively and by this way can be a popular brand that has a bunch of loyal customers. Loyal customer is one of the best things for which a firm does its all business.

Mr. Julfikar Islam is currently studying Marketing (4th year) at University of Dhaka. He is truly an organizational being. He has been working with a number of knowledge-based organizations for last 3 years within the University. His area of specialization is Supply Chain Management. He also has an effective knowledge about Branding, Current Market trends. He has been blogging for last 1 year about these issues in a number of national blog and community website.

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