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Jen Schuetz and Naz Hamid on Risk, fear and life

Jul 12, 2013
I think my whole life has been a risk. Growing up, there were times when we had a lot of money and times when we had no money. We experienced ups and downs, and I learned not to depend on anything. The idea of being self-sufficient and responsible for your actions was something I had to learn because I had nothing to fall back on. In that sense, every day was a risk. I kept moving forward because I had to. I’d say that a good chunk of my life so far has been about necessity. I think it’s also about having tenacity—I don’t want to call it courage because there were many times where it scared the shit out of me to do what I had to do. When you are desperate enough, you forget about your fear, or you do it even though there is fear.

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