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Capitalist Ethos of Benjamin Franklin

Jun 25, 2013

An Entrepreneur is by nature expansionist. May be, she starts from a very tiny space, her sight touches the sky. She works for it to make the path more visible, clearer. Throughout the journey of expansion she maintains some ethos. She avoids ostentation and unnecessary expenditure as well as conscious enjoyment of power and is embarrassed by the outward signs of social recognition which she receives. “He gets nothing out of his wealth for himself except the irrational sense of having done his job well”.

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Mr. Julfikar Islam is currently studying Marketing (4th year) at University of Dhaka. He is truly an organizational being. He has been working with a number of knowledge-based organizations for last 3 years within the University. His area of specialization is Supply Chain Management. He also has an effective knowledge about Branding, Current Market trends. He has been blogging for last 1 year about these issues in a number of national blog and community website.

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