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Nobody is wrong!

Apr 15, 2013

The moment you points finger that someone is wrong you open up a potential ventilator of conflict. It does not help. Everybody has their own view and we should not discrete someone's view just because we don't consider them right. The idea of right and wrong burns the bridge to reach at an agreement.


Tagging other person as being wrong is the starting point of every conflict that hinders the progress. We need to go ahead and mutual cooperation and defining right or wrong does not serve the objective of being. Instead what we need is to define what works and what does not and we must do it with mutual agreement and respect and contribution.

In organizations it happens. It happens that we become fanatic of right and wrong, we become devastatingly in support of one view when stand still against another. But this only serves the status quo and does not serve the purpose of making progress, making ideas happen.

Making things happen is a process involving multiple parties with diversified views. Keeping diversity active and engaging all parties are prerequisites to make the process work. But the idea of putting someone in the verge of wrong ruins the whole game.

When go for any negotiation or meeting or conversation don't look for difference first, don't look for missing points, don't look for what’s wrong but look for things that will lead towards progress, lead towards mutual benefits and agreement.

Building bridge is more important than burning one.

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