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Internal Marketing: Path to Customer Satisfaction

Mar 21, 2013
Internal Marketing  FS

When Marketing became customer-centric organizations got a touchstone. It enriched other areas of organizations with its magical touch. In the meantime Holistic marketing concept evolved with the declaration that everything matters in marketing.  Being a child of holistic marketing, internal marketing ensures that everyone in the organization embraces appropriate marketing principles, especially senior management. It is the task of hiring, training and motivating able employees who want to serve customers well.(Kotler, Keller,2009)

Serving customers well means ensuring customers satisfaction. For Marketing Professionals customer satisfaction is a matter of great concern as it is the precondition to make the customers loyal and to achieve the sustainability. A company get a confidence to promise excellent service if the company’s staff is ready to serve it. Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart says “Look after your staffs,they will look after your customers.”

Internal marketing is the whole package by which you can satisfy your employee. Internal marketing is not limited to mere incentives rather it promotes coordination of goals within a department and among the departments. Internal marketing propagates that every department will run to achieve a coordinated goal- "customer satisfaction". Too often the sales force thinks product managers set prices or sale quotas too high: or the advertising director and a brand manager cannot agree on an advertising campaign. All these marketing functions must be coordinated from the customer’s point of view.(Kotler,Keller,2009)

How internal marketing works is rightly demonstrated by Cammie Dunaway, former CMO of Yahoo. She states “you want to be connecting at the very senior levels of the organization, and you also want to be connecting in with the engineers and scientists who are doing a lot the work on the front lines.” She compares her job as a Orchestra Conductor to direct every instruments to play in a harmony.

For Start-Up entrepreneurs learning of internal marketing is essential. As they can’t afford so many recruitment,  motivating existing employees to satisfy customers is crucial for the survival of their venture.

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Mr. Julfikar Islam is currently studying Marketing (4th year) at University of Dhaka. He is truly an organizational being. He has been working with a number of knowledge-based organizations for last 3 years within the University. His area of specialization is Supply Chain Management. He also has an effective knowledge about Branding, Current Market trends. He has been blogging for last 1 year about these issues in a number of national blog and community website.

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