Believing & StartupWeekend Dhaka

untitledIt all begins when you start believing. We neither have the authority nor the mastery to talk about starting-up in Bangladesh. In fact, nobody out there. But everybody is doing it and with much fun. The purpose is not about showing your expertise, its about solving problems. Problems that scare you. Problems that bother you. Nobody starts anything with expertise. Expertise comes with experience. And to have experience you must work and start. Amateur needs to start to be expert. And fortunately, starting-up takes nothing but that you believe you can start.

Our culture and system that constantly preach the advantage and superiority of security and stability always prevent people with a different view or idea. The system has bought our greatness in exchange of security and stability. At a time it also bought our all opportunity of having fun. Greatness and stability can’t walk together.

Everybody can give feedback, can review projects, can produce great ideas and criticize things that don’t work but everybody can’t start. The problem is not with money or anything else but with our belief.

Starting something doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make it big. It doesn’t mean you have to make it successful. It doesn’t mean you have to get tons of likes and applause. It only means you have to know you can start and accept it for next. 

So, don’t think how big, successful, fabulous it will be; just go and start.  Start believing.

Start-upWeekend Dhaka is going on & 21 Start-ups have launched in Day 1. 21 Brilliant stories. Check it out Here.

Starting-up itself is a brilliant story & rest does not matter.

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