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Professor Muhammad Yunus on Entrepreneurship

Professor Muhammad Yunus on Entrepreneurship
Professor Yunus

To understand entrepreneurship and to learn best on entrepreneurship, you can’t find a better teacher than our beloved Noble Laureate Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus. With sky high accomplishments he always ignites our mind, propels us to act and make something happen. As a Bangladeshi I can’t find any better source of inspiration to move me on my way. Very recently he has been named as one of the 12 greatest entrepreneurs of our time by Fortune. Here goes few insights from Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus on entrepreneurship.

Problems are the mother of all possibilities. Find them and solve them, money will follow. Life is too big to be restrained by only money. We are here to play much bigger role than making money. Entrepreneurship is an act of making changes happen for good. Entrepreneurs are the people with gut to bring the light of change. But one has to look at the problems. You can make money many other ways. But they would not sustain. In an exclusive interview with bigthink, Prof. Yunus said it in a much better way.

Entrepreneurship is about solving problems; about addressing the issues of the world around yourself. It’s not just making money. That’s what I meant by entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is something that we carry with us as a human being. We came on this planet to solve problems. We solve problems all around us, and we continue to solve that problem and that’s how we survived. We were in adverse circumstances when we came to this planet, but we were not frightened by that adverse circumstances. We took them by grip and, one by one, we tried to solve them and we kept on solving them. As a result we came millions of years on this planet and survived and successful. So that’s entrepreneurship. Any human . . . Any human capability used for solving problems for mankind, for the planet, I’ll consider this entrepreneurship.

Well, thinking entrepreneurs as a special breed of people who have got special touch of God’s blessing is everything but truth. We all are entrepreneurs. Living a life in this tough and cruel world takes gut, work, courage and real passion for living over dying. We are alive means we’ve the spirit. And spirit of entrepreneurship also derives from that same source. In an interview with Fortune, Prof Yunus said-

What is entrepreneurship, after all? Bigness is not the issue. Poor people are the ones who take challenges every day. The guy who sells a hot dog on the street is as much an entrepreneur as anyone else. Getting his $50 loan to start could be as difficult as finding $50 million for someone else. All people are entrepreneurs.

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