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Cost of business start-up procedures in Bangladesh

Jul 1, 2012

World Bank's Doing Business Project every year define the cost of doing business around the world. The index shows the procedural cost of starting a business in compare to GNI of a particular country. Along with that the magnitude of the cost also shows how business friendly a country is to start a business. It tells a lot about the scenario of starting a business in a particular country, corruption in the process and business friendly environment. As per the report shows, the best environment for starting a business in Bangladesh was in 2008, during the Caretaker Government. The procedural cost of starting a business was lowest ever in the history of Bangladesh in that year which was 25.70.

In the year 2012 Bangladesh ranked 122, losing 4 point from 118 in last year, among 183 economies around the world. The situation in almost all sectors of starting a business, from Starting a Business to Dealing with Construction Permits to Getting Electricity to Registering Property to Getting Credit to Protecting Investors, deteriorated than previous year instead of getting better. Although govt. and other authority have been talking of business friendly environment, in reality, things are just inverse.

Source: World Bank, Doing Business project.

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Ruhul Kader is a technology and business analyst based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Future Startup and author of Rethinking Failure: A short guide to living an entrepreneurial life. He writes about internet business, strategy, technology, technology policy, and society. He can be reached at

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