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Communicating vision to the people: An indispensable for leadership success

Communicating vision to the people: An indispensable for leadership success

It’s fine! You have great personality, best mental traits, some followers and an authoritative voice! And you love to think you are a leader! Did you ever think how many of your companions dream like you? How many of your people cherish the same vision you are pursuing for?

Well, if you find there is no guy to cherish your vision, then, I bet you are not a leader at all! Because, you don’t know your destination clearly, you can’t fantasize the moments when your vision will come true, you can’t visualize the days after achieving your vision and that’s why, you are failed to instill a dream in the heart of your people! I guarantee you are going to be a very successful looser if your people don’t dream like you, if your people don’t cherish the vision embedded in your mind!

Oh! You don’t believe? Okay, you are not wrong maybe! But, I would love to request you to contemplate the success stories of the great leaders. Let's start with religious leaders. How Muhammad (PBUH), the greatest leader of the humankind, became so successful in attaining his vision/dream? How he could have turned a vicious nation to a peaceful one? Because, he dreamt of a just society and could have instilled the same dream in his companions. He along with his people could have fantasized the moments when his vision had come true. He along with his companions could have visualized the times after attaining the vision. That’s why, they were motivated, and they could have sacrificed their time, money and even their lives to materialize that dream!

Mahatma Ghandi, the prominent figure of Indian Independence movement, led Indian independence movement following his principle of non violent civil disobedience. He dreamt that Indian independence will come through non-violence movement. He was successful enough to make his people dream like him.

Martin Luther King, renowned for African-American Civil Rights Movement, told in his one of famous speech “I have a dream”. That dream was to end racial discrimination and establish racial equality. That he could instill the dream to his people and the result is a black man is the president of United States of America now!

All these great leaders had a vision/dream. They consistently and repeatedly communicated their vision to their people.

Think about our liberation war in 1971. Our leaders dreamt of an independent nation and communicated the dream to all the people through speeches, stories, novels, songs, news, deeds and sacrifices repeatedly. That dream always poked the people to live with the dream. People faced lots of obstacles, they suffered a lot and they even had to sacrifice their lives. But, all the obstacles, suffering & sacrifices they could bear fantasizing/visualizing the times after liberation. A free country where there wouldn’t exist any kind of oppression. If some people became deviated from the dream/vision, they had bounced back with extreme appetite to materialize the dream. That fantasizing/visualization of independence made them desperate to pursue for making the vision/dream a reality.

A leader must have a dream/vision which has to be communicated to his people repeatedly and consistently. Paulo Coelho in his famous novel said “When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it”. So, I want to make something happen and all my surroundings (along with you!) are definitely conspiring to make my dream a reality. You may don’t know you are also one of the conspirators!!! Did you notice that I was pretending to be a leader and didn’t communicate my vision/dream to you? So, you be sure that I am going to be a very successful looser in perusing my dream!!!

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