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In the age of ideological perplexity

In the age of ideological perplexity

Every success requires some sort of impetus from an ideological ground. For sustainable and long term survival and growth an initiative must have it philosophical and ideological feet. Culture, values, traits of particular society coupled with other attributes construct viewpoint of particular person within that society. While globalization, social media, massive information flow, use of modern web-based technologies, etc have opened large window of opportunity for our young generation at the same time overwhelming amount of information flow makes them ideologically perplexed.

Success is a comparative word, extent of which varies person to person, society to society and time to time. Any great success, the way most us anticipate it, has a long painstaking history behind it. To walk to the long way to success one needs two most important aspects: “motivation” and “speed adjusted with distance of the way”. To do something great level of motivation matters, moreover, level of motivation greatly depends on ideological ground. So far we see people around us become successful in pursuing their motive all of them have strong ideology. Ideology itself, as it seems to most of us, is a word with heavy weight. But here the word doesn’t necessarily mean something like that, rather it denotes to the individual viewpoint, of course justified by his personal desires, supported by norms of humanity and eternal thinking. Strict adherence to one’s own ideology keeps him motivated along the harsh and insipid way to success. Steve Jobs, for instance, has his own strong ideological view point which made him to show such audacity of dreaming big and to make it happen. All the way, rise and fall, he adhered strictly on what he believed. We can see same picture in the life of great political leaders and change makers. For example, independence movements of different countries and the great leaders who lead these movements have such strong ideology that they were even ready for sacrificing their lives.

Over and above, human being wants to live and die with slated mind. Now Western media are focusing on satisfaction of mind as they see most people are feeling regrets at their later part of lives for what they did at earlier. This happens because most of us spend entire with self-ignorance, we seldom aware of what we are going to do or what I ought to do. There is an apparent emptiness in our vision of life broadly. Though many of us making something great in the eyes of people around but we often can’t feel whether it is good for me or not, is that I really wanted or not. This vacuum is the result of not having a profound ideological ground.

Societal norms and culture are, though, obvious for a hearty life but these words are becoming less important to us. Massive information flux through social media, internet, television, etc are promoting an ill-defined cyber-culture in our generation which make us confused, at the same time, make us oblivious to our own culture, norms and traditions. Despite the fact that, most of us are maintaining vogue, being busy with other chores but there is vacuum inside us. Alternatively, emptiness of own ideology and philosophy make us feel parasitic.
To get most of benefits of global information flux we need to respect our own tradition and culture while accepting and receiving positive one of others’ by adapting it with our own setting. In another word, we have to be “Locally engaged and globally connected”.

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