3 tips for Startups to get what they want to get

Be Unexpected

You can get anything but not what you want! Often this  saying becomes  the strange fate of most of our life. And for most Entrepreneurs this is true most. But don’t be hopeless, there is ways to get out of this rabbit hole. Here goes three simple ideas on how to get started to get what you want to get.

1. Never accept No: No, I can’t do this; these replies are not for Startups. If you truly aspire to become successful and wakeup with a full mouth smile next morning. Then take oath that, “No” is not an answer for your from tomorrow. The strategy can be best learnt from Steve Jobs. The story goes that, in the early of his life when Steve Jobs was a young hippie he went to “Atari” a that time big shot of Silicon Valley and asked for job saying that, you guys either hire me or I would not leave the office.

The personal director told the news to Atari Chief and he recruited Jobs. This strategy always helped jobs to win the game.

  • Never accept No as a final answer
  • Push your people to do their best
  • Be unexpected & get free publicity

2. Push your people positively: Oh sure, you have to know how to produce best juice out of exhausted lemon! This is not a good idea for all but few. If you try wrong it would be soar. So, know how to push your people positively at the edge of their capacity.

3. Be unexpected: The power of making someone stunned is something worth it. Go dangerous. Do dangerous. Be unexpected in talk, work & thought. All these are positively. Getting tip is not easy if you are predictable. But if you are not then your every move will make buzz. Go & get it.


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