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Our mission

Our mission is to become the leading destination for information, knowledge, insight about entrepreneurship, technology, and business in Bangladesh by producing the best content in these areas.

We’ve been working towards an ambition to build a local knowledge infrastructure in Bangladesh, create an ecosystem of support, system, and services to enable entrepreneurship as we believe that’s how we solve critical problems and make progress in our society today.

The Problem

Information, insight, and knowledge about Bangladesh startup, business, and tech could be difficult to find. While there is excellent business journalism in the country, it may seem cluttered and chaotic, shallow, and driven by the daily news cycle. Moreover, sophisticated analysis on technology business and entrepreneurship remains absent. There is a serious lack of local knowledge regarding how local companies and markets operate and work. Coverage of entrepreneurship, technology, and the startup scene often lacks clarity, depth, and context.  

Our Solution

A digital, easily accessible information service platform and newsletter that provides in-depth, balanced, and long-term oriented information, insight, analysis, and research about entrepreneurship, business, and tech industry in Bangladesh. At the Future Startup, we cut through the short-termism and daily news cycle and bring you stories and insight that really matter. We provide depth, analysis, context, and clarity and we bring you only the most important stories that you can’t find anywhere else. 


To empower more people to become entrepreneurs and take initiatives through giving them access to information, knowledge, insight, research, network, and tools. 

Our Process

Firstly, we research the entrepreneurship and technology scene and find out the most interesting and important people and companies, verticals, topics, and trends. Secondly, we do long-form interviews with founders, experts, professionals to produce in-depth high-quality stories, interviews, reports, analyses, and information products. 

As a result, readers wake up to in-depth no-where-to-be found insight and analysis of companies, people, trends, and verticals. We publish the analysis both to our website as well as send via newsletter to our subscribers. Fourthly, we help companies and organizations with dedicated research solutions to go even deeper into Bangladesh technology scene. Finally, we help businesses and organizations reach their customers and stakeholders through our communication products such as branded content, newsletter placements, ect. In other words, we provide knowledge, connections, and tools to people to understand the Bangladesh business and technology scene and build enterprises for the Bangladesh market. 

FS Talk

‘FS Talk’ is a small, friendly gathering aimed at the “start and make something happen” crowd. Once every two months, we welcome some of the people who have experience of starting-up following their ideas and have suffered and enjoyed their journey; and people who have pain in heart to make changes happen and have a desire to strive for good and we invite great entrepreneurial minds, thinkers and makers of ideas of our time as speakers to share their inspiring and insightful stories that inspire the idea of starting up and making things happen for good.

We are curious to know what it takes to start, continue and win. We want to understand the indomitable force that inspires people to take initiative and equips them to make it happen.

The goal of “FS talk” is to start a conversation centering on the idea of taking initiative-the most courageous act of all-and to create a community to share ideas, information, and knowledge to make it happen. We want to share inspiring and courageous stories of starting up to shift our focus from the point of inhibition to possibilities.

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