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Visa Launches Fintech Initiative for Startups in Bangladesh

Next week, Visa, the leader in digital payments, is set to launch its new program for startups and fintech in Bangladesh. Recognizing the challenges that fintech and startups in Bangladesh often face in different stages of their journey, the program aims to help enhance their product propositions and develop better user experiences.

Visa’s fintech initiative for Bangladesh is a series of 12 webinar-based events starting on June 17th, where fintech companies will get a chance to learn about tools and technology they can deploy in payments and interact with leaders and subject matter experts from Visa and the startup ecosystem. The initiative aims to help participants understand the nuances of digital payments better and provide necessary support in augmenting digital payment solutions for Bangladeshi consumers.

On the occasion of the launch, Soumya Basu, Country Manager – Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan, said, “Bangladesh is an important part of the digital commerce landscape in the Asia Pacific today where consumers and businesses are adopting innovative methods of making and receiving payments at an accelerated pace, and fintech and startups are driving this innovation by creating seamless digital experiences. We are delighted to launch Visa’s fintech initiative for Bangladesh, the very first in the region, to reach out to startups and help them leverage Visa’s world-class capabilities and products to enhance their user experiences with innovative solutions. With Visa’s global expertise and technology, we look forward to partnering with the startup ecosystem and together create innovative solutions for Bangladesh.”

Entrepreneurs and startup founders often find themselves tackling operational and other issues, whereas developing robust solutions, putting technology to its best use, and adopting best practices from other markets are key aspects of a robust startup foundation. To help fintech become more efficient, agile, and future-prepared, the program gives them access to technology as well as know-how across use cases like digital lending, customer verification, fraud detection, and prevention, etc.

Visa has partnered with Startup Dhaka for its fintech initiative program. Mustafizur Rahman Khan, Founder and CEO of Startup Dhaka said, “I am delighted to announce that Visa, the leader in digital payments, is about to set their steps in mentoring and assisting the startups in Bangladesh for the very first time. This initiative will not only make a difference in the existing payment solutions but also help the startups to expand their connection and resources. This fintech initiative by Visa for Bangladesh is a great way to connect with the startup ecosystem.”

The program, designed as a three-part series of webinars – The Launch Series, Mentorship Sessions, and Thought Leadership – will focus on cutting-edge innovations and technologies that Visa has in its arsenal for fintech. The latter can consequently experiment with and utilize these technologies, APIs, and solutions for the products that they provide in Bangladesh. With this initiative, startups can expect to benefit from:

  • Mentorship by senior Visa executives
  • Exposure to participants in the payments ecosystem in Bangladesh and other markets
  • Opportunities to embed Visa’s products and capabilities in their own solutions
  • Fostering a culture of innovation in a startup
  • Networking and connecting with the relevant partners

The first webinar is set to launch on June 17, 2021. Visit https://visa.startupdhaka.co/ to know more details.


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