FS Content Studio

FS Content Studio offers unique opportunities for companies/Startups/Brands that want to take advantage of content marketing and storytelling, thus gaining marketing ROI, thought leadership, and credibility. We are an in-house branded content studio at the fast growing business and technology focused media outlet Future Startup.

We have been working with content for years now and understand how to create and distribute content to young, affluent, influential, engaged, tech-savvy content consumers and business professionals in Bangladesh.

Now we are applying our expertise in helping brands, businesses, and startups, to reach out to notoriously difficult to reach influencers and decision makers in business and tech community.

We work closely with brands and help you design your optimal content marketing/storytelling effort and then develop and distribute your stories through our platform to an audience that is notoriously difficult to reach.

Some of Our Current Services

  • Content Series
  • White Papers
  • Special Reports
  • E-books
  • Special categories/blog
  • Expert Interviews
  • Microsites

Our Process: How it works

We closely work with Brands and partners to design strategy that works and then apply our journalistic and storytelling expertise to generate best stories that get attention and then we distribute it through our platform.

Content strategy: We closely work with brands to design a content strategy that works.
Content Creation: We create worth sharing content
Content Distribution: We work hard to take a brand’s content to as many people as possible.

Goals of Collaboration

  • Provide visibility to the influential readership that will amplify your leadership position as a leading provider in your area of expertise or business.
  • Create high-impact custom content for your key audiences and potential clients.
  • Reach young, affluent, influential, engaged, tech-savvy content consumers and business professionals
  • Connect with a captive audience that is notoriously difficult to reach
  • Promote your brand’s content and product natively within our platform (within story and email sponsorships)
  • Place a sponsored item within our article/story that lets users engage directly with your brand
  • Extend the lifespan of compelling content to FS’s audience that increases overall engagement even after the sponsorship has expired

Build a community that cares, and build a brand that lasts through powerful storytelling .
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