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This Infographic Explains The Global Startup Landscape In 27 Striking Facts

Oct 26, 2015

The world is a small place indeed. Then again, most things are not always what they seem. This is true for the global startup landscape as well. When we consider USA to be the world's most entrepreneurial country and understandably so but in a recent report study Uganda topped the list and 28.1% of its adult population is involved in the entrepreneurial activities.

There are countries like Chile and Israel, making huge investment in building their startup ecosystem and facilitating early stage companies. There are countries like Brazil and India that are growing fast in-terms of number of startups and market as well.

The inforgraphic below, prepared based on 38 trusted data sources, provides an illustrated explanation of today's entrepreneurial landscape all over the world.

Check out this infographic for more interesting facts!

27 Striking Facts Most People Don

Made by: Coupofy

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