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Road To Greatness: Life Lessons From 06 Successful People In 06 Slides [Slideshow]

Jun 21, 2015

Great people are not born great, they are grow great. More often than not, we look up to successful people and wonder how extraordinary geniuses these people are. But things are seldom as simple as it appear to be. Behind all great fortune there are immeasurable long night, sweats, and long hour. Mastering anything is not an act rather a process. It takes time and continuous effort. You have to do it, and by doing it regularly you’ll make improvement. Everything is practice and faithful hard work. If we zoom in into the lives of great people we would see a different picture.

This slideshow below, designed by WittyFeed, takes a brief look into the lives of six great people of our time, Abraham Lincon, Eminem, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, and Walt Disney, and the hardships they went through in life. Hardships and failures are our stepping stones to success, we become who we can be only by walking the tough path.

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