Making of Bdjobs: What it Takes to Build a BDT 150 crore Company

Apr 14, 2014
Fahim Mashroor
Fahim Mashroor

News:, country's leading online employment marketplace, has sold its 25 percent stake to the Australian number one job portal; SEEK International, at Tk 38.5 crore.

But this is not what interests us. We don’t love news that much rather we love story behind the news. We love to find out what it takes to build a BDT 150 crore company. Years back we spoke to BDjobs founder & CEO Fahim Mashroor and let's listen from his own account what it takes.

You need to have foresight-the ability to see future. Back in 2000 Bangladesh was just starting with internet and access rate was even not a matter.

In 2000, using Internet for every prospect was a global phenomenon but unfortunately nothing was happening in Bangladesh. Then we thought about doing something appropriate to our context. Subsequently, we founded to provide job information to Bangladeshi youth. We started BDJOBS in my own house taking a single room only with two/three people.

Money does not matter. What you need is courage and passion.

I was a fresh graduate from university and did not have enough money. We started with very minimum investment by borrowing 3 computers from my family members. Then gradually we made a position and revenue started to come and we started to make it big.

It takes time.

If you ask about first 2-3 months during starting-up then it’s not a valid question because we were in crisis at least for 2-3 years! But we were convinced from the very first day that, it would be a long journey and we were mentally prepared.

Patience is critical; it’s really a tough journey. Our main problem is that, we want to be rich overnight which is a bad idea. Some people may be successful in this short-cut way but in long run it proves to be unsustainable one.

Honesty and dedication are two elements that seldom fail. And I disagree with them who say that, In Bangladesh doing something in honest way is impossible.

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